No Matter What!

This video was filmed and directed by Angelo Campanile. We met Angelo though our dear friends Daniele and Ingrid.  Angelo was extremely cool to work with. While adapting to our original concept, he came up with a lot of ideas as well. Our dear friend Nicole Briscoe (featured as the doctor) also gave us some of the key ideas for the script. She also shot many of the dance scenes with a second camera but in an unfortunate turn of events that footage was not saved in the camera memory card, yikes!!!  Shooting the video and coming up with the concept was a lot of fun.  We got help from many of our friends for the  scene with the band and the silly dance.  As you can see the coordination with the dance is flawless.... NOT!!  Our friend Ingrid helped us come up with the silly dance. Jean Luis did an incredible job with the bubble gun. Our friends at Gracon Studios helped us out with the final touches on color correction.  The track which is different from the album track (Free Copy here!) was mixed and mastered by Shawn Lyon. And last but not least, the funky dress that Mona wears throughout the video was designed by Swiss national Alex Sadkowsky.


Space Case dude: Hector Rivera

Space Case girl: Mona Seda

The band:

Vocals and Trumpet: Mona Seda

Vocals & Guitar: Hector Rivera

Drums: Kim Diaz

Bass: Daniele DeCario

Doctor: Nicole Briscoe

The Dancers:

Mardhavi Sakuntala

Krstina Sebez

Alejandra Hernandez

Matthew Rojas

Maria Torres

Samantha Rojas

Chuy Espinoza

Rafael Espinoza

Brian Espinoza

Araceli Espinoza

Man on street: Victor Salas




(release date 12.13.11)

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