No Matter What!


(release date 12.13.11)

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“No Matter What!” the band that continues to change history, releases their second single: SPACE CASE along with its Spanish version DISTRAIDO (IDO). The energetic, frantic and humorous tracks are accompanied by a very funny video. Both can be seen on YouTube at the following links:

Both English and Spanish versions of the tune are available for a FREE DOWNLOAD at:

SPACE CASE was written in 2011 by Mona Seda and Hector Rivera and it touches on everyday forgetfulness such as not remembering where you put the keys the night before or forgetting the name of someone who talks to you on the street with the familiarity of somebody who has known you your entire life!! There is also a brief and inconspicuous political note against the pharmaceutical industry with its excessive and pushy “pop a pill for anything (despite the side effects…)” mindset. In the end most of us are Space Cases in one way or another and this is a song dedicated to all of the Space Cases in this world.

Mona and Hector had a lot of fun making the video which was directed, shot and edited by great Los Angeles-based Italian film maker Angelo Campanile. The video was shot Guerrilla style with a very, very low budget and it features some of Mona and Hector’s good friends: Daniele DeCario, Kim Diaz, Nicole Briscoe, Victor Salas, Mardhavi Sakuntala, and many others. A silly dance was also created for the video and it was flawlessly performed (NOT!) by a group of professionally trained (NOT!) dancers.

The music tracks were arranged and produced by Mona and Hector. Recording credits are as follows: Vocals – Hector & Mona; Trumpets – Mona; Bass – Daniele DeCario; Guitars, Drums & Percussion – Hector. All instruments and vocals were recorded at Riverananda Studios in Los Angeles, California; except for additional guitar tracks recorded at Jean Luis Contreras’ Studio in Los Angeles, California. All tracks, (album and video versions in both English and Spanish), were mixed and mastered by Shawn Lyon.

Stay tuned to No Matter What!’s website ( or Facebook page ( for new music coming out soon. Thanks so much for reading and “always do what your heart tells you, No Matter What!”