No Matter What!

The inspiration for this song came from events that have happened, and continue to happen to many of us somewhat frequently.  Mona and Hector started sharing some of these stories with friends and realized that the stories were not all that unique. In fact, they were shared by many people they talked to.  One night Mona was finishing a gig with a different band and the leader asked her if she had returned a piece of garment to him.  She said yes but he insisted she had not.  Well, she had.  The band leader said “I am spacing out”.  At that moment Mona, while talking to her friend Janelle, coined the phrase “He’s such a Space Case”.  While telling the story to Hector later that evening the idea for the song came about.  The lyrics flowed very easily as did the guitar parts.  Trumpets were added shortly thereafter as well as drums and bass.  Daniele’s bass line is fresh and original, we dig it!!


(release date 12.13.11)

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