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(release date 04.21.13)


Another great song with a unique sense of humor and a strong message about today's society. Released, as usual, along with its Spanish version: LA GENTE LA CAGA.

The lyrics are indeed a deep philosophical axiom of enlightenment dealing with the pain from disillusion and the frustration from disappointment, which affect almost every human being at one point or another. This song makes one reflect about loyalty.

The phrase "friends let you down" makes one think about people that, in the past, have not met our expectations. We are invited to realize that those were our own expectations about them, in our own minds so to speak, and so the failure was in us and not in them.

The pop style of chorus and verses is counteracted by a rapped pre-chorus that becomes a poignant stroke in the song, as if putting acid drops on a strawberry cake with whipped cream. That is the strong contrast between the splendid expectations and the cruelties of disillusion and disappointment that the lyrics describe.

“People Fuck Up” has a powerful and catchy melodious hook that will stick in your brain and will have you singing it over and over. When you listen to it for the first time it enslaves your ears right away. The bright sound of guitars, loved by many, evolves into funky rhythms seamlessly connected by imperceptible odd time signatures.  The sounds of the piece then lead you to a rock blast that adds to this intricate, yet accessible, music "puzzle". It is all glued together by a solid melodic bass line and drum arrangement. The sweet bass solo at the end completes the song, which could easily be a great hit for “uncensored” radio.

The lyric-based videos of “PEOPLE FUCK UP” and “LA GENTE LA CAGA” can be seen on No Matter What!'s YouTube channel at and the tracks are available for  purchase and download at

The style of No Matter What!'s music is hard to describe with words, you really need to listen for yourself and define it your own way. We might say: “music that will make you bang your head, quit your job, laugh a lot and have you reflect that sometimes you can fuck up too”. No Matter What! Rocks.

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Thanks for reading and never forget to always do what your heart tells you, No Matter What!