No Matter What!

No Matter What! was born in 2010 when Swiss Trumpet connoisseur Mona Seda and Mexican Rhythm Guitarist/Drummer Hector Rivera joined creative forces to express progressive ideas through music.  No Matter What! is based in Los Angeles, California; our songs aim at promoting individual and social positive change while entertaining with energetic melodic grooves.

We hope that you dig our stuff, feel free to drop us a line  or visit our Facebook page and YouTube channel for the latest updates and videos.  On this site you will find our songs and videos, lyrics and credit notes as well as a store where you can purchase our tracks. 

We are currently working on an album in English and one in Spanish.  New songs will be released as soon as they become available and live performances will also be happening soon.  Please keep in mind that some of our tunes and videos contain explicit material not suitable for children.

Keep coming back to this site or to our Facebook page to check for updates and “always do what your heart tells you, No Matter What!”